OpenVPN client 使用问题

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windows使用 openvpn 获取地址为 地址问题,Multiple TAP-Windows adapters问题。



TAP-Windows Adapter V9 #2
  Index = 26
  GUID = {9C49116C-F310-4DC6-9A55-B9FF7335AAE1}
  IP = 
  MAC = 00:ff:9c:49:11:6c
  DHCP LEASE OBTAINED = Mon Oct 24 19:17:25 2016
  DHCP LEASE EXPIRES  = Mon Oct 24 19:17:25 2016
  DNS SERV =  


windows系统的dhcp client服务未开启导致该问题。

Multiple TAP-Windows adapters

Error: When using --tun-ipv6, if you have more than one TAP-Windows adapter, you must also specify --dev-node
Exiting due to fatal error

That one can happen when you have multiple TAP-Windows adapters, most of the time because of another software using TAP.

To fix it, open a command prompt (Shift+Right click) in your OpenVPN directory (where openvpn.exe is), and run:

openvpn.exe --show-adapters

This will list your TAP adapters.

Then, open your ccrypto.ovpn configuration file with notepad and add this on a new line:

dev-node [name]

Replace [name] by your TAP adapter name.


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